Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Decision Support Tools

There is currently a lack of evidence-based, unbiased information on the different urogenital rare diseases. For healthcare professionals, ERN eUROGEN will replicate and standardise best practice methodology, which will lead to improvements in the quality and effectiveness of care. ERN eUROGEN aims to translate its guidelines into clear and understandable information for patients.

General Information

ERN eUROGEN Guidelines Expert Panel

We have established an ERN eUROGEN Guidelines Expert Panel – an overarching group formed of representatives from our healthcare providers, ERN Patient Advocacy Group, and Supporting Partners.  This panel commissions guideline subgroups and oversees guideline development.

ERN Guidelines Methodological Handbooks

The European Commission funded a project dedicated to providing assistance to the ERNs and their healthcare providers in the process of development, appraisal and implementation of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and clinical decision support tools (CDSTs) and to improve the capacity of the networks to produce these and adhere to high quality standards.

The consortium running the project produced materials that are the outcome of an extensive literature review and consultation process. The presented methodology is based on the current international “gold standards” that have been developed and used by key international and national bodies and organisations specialised in the development of CPGs and CDSTs.

A 2024 review of this project to assess the quality of its work and deliverables concluded that they were of a very good quality and that the methodology which was proposed for developing guidelines is sound.

The materials can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

This material is an important step forward for the ERN guidelines programme and a key tool for the work of the ERNs in the production, adaptation, adoption and appraisal of CPGs and CDSTs.

ERN Guidelines Training

The EU Academy is an EU-owned online hub containing first-hand knowledge, high-quality educational resources and valuable insights directly produced by the EU institutions for individuals whose work is related to its sphere of action.

A training module on “Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines” has been developed within the framework of the ERN Guideline Programme. It aims to improve the capability of ERN healthcare professionals, CPG developers, and expert panel members to develop, appraise, and implement ERN CPGs and CDSTs effectively and efficiently.

To use the EU Academy, you will need an EU login account. In case you do not have one yet:

  • Go to the EU login landing page: EU Login.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • On the page that opens up, fill in the required information: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail and Verification Code.
  • Click on Create an account.
  • Once the account is created, the next step is to log in and link a mobile phone to the account to receive verification codes for two-factor authentication.
  • Once this is done, the EU Academy is prepared to be used.

Guidelines Produced by ERN eUROGEN

ERN eUROGEN CPG on Anorectal Malformations

An ERN eUROGEN Expert Working Group has been adapting existing Dutch guidelines on anorectal malformations (ARM). The first part of this work has been completed, and guidelines have been produced on the diagnosis and treatment of ARM (download here). These have been thoroughly reviewed by our European experts, including patient representatives.

Work began with guidance from the agency assigned to ERN eUROGEN by the Spanish consortium appointed by the European Commission to facilitate ERN guidelines. Once this support ended, Qualicura supported ERN eUROGEN’s experts to ensure the highest scientific quality was in place throughout the methodology in order to produce the adapted clinical practice guideline (CPG) on ARM.

Work is still ongoing to complete other aspects of this CPG.