Scientific Publications

In collaboration with the experts in our network, we have had numerous papers published in peer-reviewed academic and scientific journals.

Information for clinicians/researchers in our network: 

When reporting papers as deliverables to the European Commission (EC), we can only include publications that:

  1. are in PubMed accredited scientific journals,
  2. involve as major contributors at least two healthcare providers (HCPs) from two different Member States within the ERN, and
  3. include an explicit acknowledgement or reference the ERN’s involvement e.g., “This work is generated within the European Reference Network for Rare Urogenital Diseases and Complex Conditions (ERN eUROGEN)” or “This work is supported by the ERN for Rare Urogenital Diseases and Complex Conditions (ERN eUROGEN)”. If the support is not financial, “(non-financially)” can be added in brackets after the word “supported” for additional clarification.

Publications are grouped according to the year of their e-publication date. Those marked with [*] represent publications involving at least two ERN eUROGEN members from at least two different EU/EEA Member States.

Workstream 1

1.1 Complex genital reconstructions (DSDs)
1.2 Bladder exstrophy/epispadias
1.3 Rare urological stone & kidney diseases
1.4 Non-syndromic urogenital tract malformation
1.5 Posterior urethral valve
1.6 Posterior hypospadias
1.7 Urorectal/anorectal malformations

Workstream 2

2.1 Complicated & complex pelvic floor disorders
2.2 Rare diseases & conditions affecting the female urethra
2.3 Urethral reconstruction in rare diseases & conditions
2.4 Rare retroperitoneal diseases & conditions
2.5 Interstitial Cystitis
2.6 Adult urogenital reconstructive surgery
2.7 Surgery for transgender patients

Workstream 3

3.1 Penile cancer
3.2 Testicular cancer
3.3 Adrenal tumours
3.4 Abdomino-pelvic sarcoma
3.5 Rare renal tumour surgery

Scientific Publications