Coordination & Governance

Coordination & Governance

Prof Wout Feitz (Paediatric Urologist at Radboud University Medical Centre, NL) is the Network Coordinator of ERN eUROGEN, supported by three Workstream Leads:

Strategic Board
The Strategic Board for ERN eUROGEN is chaired by the Network Coordinator and includes one representative from each of our healthcare provider (HCP) members and Affiliated Partners (Associated National Centers and National Coordination Hubs), a European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) representative, one representative from each of our Supporting Partners, and a representative from the European Commission. Members of the Board may appoint a deputy if they are not able to attend a Strategic Board meeting. Decisions will be taken by consensus or a majority agreement of 80%. The Strategic Board will be responsible for discussing strategic issues relating to the development and expansion of the activities of the ERN, such as new applications from HCPs and Affiliated Partners and initiatives relating to clinical guidelines, research and innovation, education and training, the ERN eUROGEN registry, and dissemination of information.

Operational Board
The Operational Board is comprised of the Network Coordinator, the Programme Manager, the three Workstream Leads, a representative of the EAU Guidelines Office, a European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) representative, and the Clinical, Research and Educational Leads for each workstream. An ex officio position is available to a representative of the European Commission. Where added value can be achieved, other ERN networks will be invited to be represented. The Operational Board will report and make recommendations to the Strategic Board for ERN eUROGEN.

The Operational Board meets more frequently (three times a year) than the Strategic Board (once a year). Workstream Leads hold monthly (WS1 & WS3) or quarterly meetings (WS2) via videoconferencing.

Advisory Boards
Advisory Boards deliver input from other fields of expertise as well as from the European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG). Evaluation and audit systems ensure quality control and improvement of the whole network and specific healthcare where required.