New ERN eUROGEN Exchange Programme Launched

New ERN eUROGEN Exchange Programme Launched

The ERN eUROGEN Exchange Programme follows and will build upon the successful first exchange programme facilitated by the EC from 2021-2022 (see below) for visits up to 31 August 2023.

Aims: By funding exchange visits between ERN healthcare providers (HCPs), the programme aims to strengthen clinical and organisational expertise and share best practices in the field of healthcare, meet goals and strengthen capacity at the Network level, and share expertise, experiences, and highly specialised knowledge under the scope and framework of the 24 European Reference Networks. Exchanges also fit with the priority of ERN eUROGEN to train and educate the next generation of urologists and surgeons, increase skill levels, offer highly specialised surgical training, and improve patient outcomes in the rare diseases and complex conditions covered by ERN eUROGEN’s Expertise Areas.

Visitors: Visitors can be members of the urological multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working at ERN eUROGEN Full Member or Affiliated Partner healthcare providers (HCPs) or at HCPs in Ukraine, ERN eUROGEN Supporting Partners (Individual Experts), ERN eUROGEN Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) advocates, and other individuals at the ERN eUROGEN HCP Network Coordinator Representative’s discretion. Visits can be for 1-6 weeks. Upon completion of the programme of an exchange visit, the visitor will receive a certificate stating the visit duration and activities performed. Unfortunately, visitors who are not ERN eUROGEN members are not eligible and would need to be funded by their own ERN to visit an ERN eUROGEN HCP.

Hosts: ERN eUROGEN Exchange Programme hosts can be Full Member or Affiliated Partner healthcare providers (HCPs) in any ERN. Unfortunately, any costs incurred by hosts are not eligible for reimbursement by ERN eUROGEN.

Terms of Funding, Costs, and Reimbursement: Funding will be provided first-come-first-served and limited to the available budget. Therefore, ERN eUROGEN has the right to stop accepting applications at any time. The visitor will be responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation. Travel, accommodation, and subsistence (food/local transport) costs will only be reimbursed up to the maximum unit costs outlined by the European Commission (see pages 13-18 of the EC Unit Costs document). Weekend stays will only be reimbursed when work takes place on the weekend, between working weeks (i.e., in the case of a 2+ week visit), or when travel schedules oblige the visitor to spend an additional night at the location of the visit. The visitor must promptly communicate to ERN eUROGEN any change that may occur in their exchange visit, depending on their availability/decisions, to allow for smooth coordination and adaptation of plans. If visitors cancel their trip after purchasing travel and accommodation, they will not receive reimbursement. Visitors are responsible for arranging travel insurance at their own expense.

HOW TO APPLY: If you and your potential host meet the eligibility criteria and you agree to the terms of funding, costs, and reimbursement, then please complete this application form, and the ERN eUROGEN Coordination Team will be in contact with you to progress your application.