Submitted: 5-year Evaluation of the European Reference Networks

Submitted: 5-year Evaluation of the European Reference Networks

ERN eUROGEN has successfully submitted its information for the 5-year evaluation of the European Reference Networks.

This is in accordance with the Commission Implementing Decision 2014/287/EU, which mandates that all networks are evaluated at least five years after approval. An Independent Evaluation Body will conduct the evaluation, which involves interviews, documentation review, and onsite and virtual audits. Additionally, each ERN and its members had to provide a self-evaluation comparing their activities and progress with their original objectives.

The overall aim of the evaluation is to determine if the criteria and conditions set out in Delegated Decision 2014/286/EU have been met; to what extent the networks have met their original objectives; and the outcomes and performance of the network, as well as the contribution of each member.

In total, the EC expects the evaluation to take approximately one year. The Independent Evaluation Body (IEB) is now preparing the draft evaluation reports for each member, which will include the summary and detailed results, as well as comments and recommendations provided by the IEB. This will be sent both to the member representatives and to the Commission. Members will then have two months to send comments back to the IEB. Members can find more information in the AMEQUIS Evaluation Manual (Section 6) in the portal.

The final results will be published on the European Commission’s website for public health.