Full Members

Full Members

ERN Full Members are assessed and proven to meet the criteria in EC delegated decision 2014/286/EU. These criteria identify Excellence Centres across the EU/EEA which have enough patients according to the best practice information available, have expertise recognised at the national level by the Ministry of Health, and have expertise recognised at the European level. For some of its Expertise/disease Areas, ERN eUROGEN has set further specific criteria which are required for Full Members.

At its launch in 2017, ERN eUROGEN consisted of 29 healthcare providers (HCPs) as Full Members. The UK withdrawal from the European Union took effect on 1 January 2021 and six UK healthcare providers ceased to be part of the network. However, ERN eUROGEN continues to collaborate with individual UK-based clinicians as Supporting Partners.

Following a 2019 call, new HCPs applied to join existing ERNs. ERN eUROGEN carried out an internal peer review, a sample was assessed by the Independent Assessment Body, and all applicants were reviewed by the Board of Member States for ERNs (BoMS) who made their final decision. 30 new Full Members joined ERN eUROGEN on 1 January 2022, giving a total of 52 HCPs in 20 Member States (some of these new Full Members were previously Affiliated Partners).

ERN eUROGEN’s current Full Members are listed below. For an overview of the disease areas covered by each HCP, please refer to this pdf.

Each Full Member:

  • is represented by an HCP Representative and HCP Sub-Representative
  • is asked to signify agreement with the Governance Statutes by the signature of the HCP Representative
  • takes part in the activities of the workstreams and work packages,
  • participates in the ERN eUROGEN Strategic Board with one vote to cast and funding for attendance at physical Board meetings provided for one HCP representative or proxy,
  • is obligated to return annual data on ERN eUROGEN-related activity according to the monitoring and assessment system for the ERNs.

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