There are three routes to join ERN eUROGEN:

1. Full Members: The European Commission (EC) will issue a call for new full members to join existing ERNs. The EC has indicated that future calls will be held to allow more healthcare providers (HCPs) to join ERNs. You will need the support of your HCP’s Chief Executive and senior management, who must support the ERN application in writing and agree to dedicate some limited resources. You will need a letter from your Ministry of Health confirming the expert status of your HCP to deal with a group of rare diseases or complex conditions in accordance with national rules on designating HCPs to deal with rare diseases or complex conditions needing highly specialised healthcare.

2. Affiliated Partners: Healthcare providers (HCPs) appointed by the Board of Member States for ERNss (BoMS)  at the national level to interact with ERNs in countries where an ERN has no full member, as either an Associated National Centre or a National Coordination Hub. The process for selecting HCPs and appointing them as Affiliated Partners is entirely a decision for the BoMS, and so we suggest contacting national Board members for advice on how to proceed.

3. Supporting Partners: The EC has made it possible for ERNs to interact with other entities or individuals who are neither Full Members nor Affiliated Partners. ERN eUROGEN will consider applications from medical societies, individual clinicians with relevant expertise (judged by CVs and case numbers), individual patients, family members with specific expertise, international patient organisations registered outside Europe, and patient organisations registered in Europe but which do not have a designated ePAG representative in ERN eUROGEN, who are all willing to contribute to the activities of the network in various ways.  These applications will be considered by the Coordination Team and an Evaluation Team comprised of the relevant Workstream’s Lead, Clinical Lead, Research Lead, Education Lead and ePAG Representative.

Please contact us to find out if your HCP has the expertise to add value to ERN eUROGEN.