Affiliated Partners

Affiliated Partners

In 2019, two types of Affiliated Partners (Associated National Centres and National Coordination Hubs) were designated to work with ERNs by the Board of Member States for ERNs (BoMS) in EU/EEA Member States where no Members exist, usually in countries with small populations that therefore could not comply with the requirements to become Members.

Each ERN eUROGEN Affiliated Partner (AP):

  • is represented by an AP Representative and AP Sub-Representative
  • is asked to signify agreement with the Governance Statutes by the signature of the AP Representative
  • takes part in the activities of the workstreams and work packages,
  • is invited to participate in the ERN eUROGEN Strategic Board, but has no voting rights and funding for attendance at physical Board meetings for one AP representative or proxy depends on budget availability,
  • is obligated to return annual data on ERN eUROGEN-related activity according to the monitoring and assessment system for the ERNs.

ERN eUROGEN’s current APs are listed below. For an overview of the disease areas covered by each HCP, please refer to this pdf.

Associated National Centres

ERN eUROGEN received ANC designations from Latvia, Austria, Croatia, and Spain. Some of these took part in the 2019 call to become full members. The remaining ANCs are listed below:

🇱🇻 Latvia:

National Coordination Hubs

ERN eUROGEN received HUB designations from Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, and Slovenia. These HUBs are listed below: