ERN Coordinators Group Meeting - June 2019

ERN Coordinators Group Meeting – June 2019

The ERN Coordinators Group (ERN CG) meeting took place on 24 June 2019.  Prof Wout Feitz (eUROGEN Coordinator) attended with Michelle Battye (eUROGEN Centre Manager).

Irene I.M.J. Mathijssen took over as Chair from Franz Schafer, who will continue to work for one year as the outgoing Chair.  Nicoline Hoogerbrugge was voted in as the Chair-in-Waiting.  The ERN CG decided to keep the term to one year, this being the appropriate length of time that should be carried out.  Reports from each of the Working Groups were presented, with the Monitoring Working Group identified as a key priority.

A range of other topics were discussed such as the extension of disease areas, the enlargement of the Networks with the designation of the Affiliated Partners by Member States, the call for registries for the 19 ERN without registries, and UK withdrawal from the EU.

The European Commission also confirmed that the call for new full members to apply to join existing ERNs would be announced by the EC by the end of July and the information on how to apply would be put on the EC website, with the call opening in September.