ERN Training and Education Developments - July 2019

ERN Training and Education Developments – July 2019

eUROGEN is working hard on training and education, both for Health Care Providers, patients and the general public.

Jorgen Thorup represents eUROGEN in the ERN Working Group on Knowledge Generation which focuses on continuous education, training and development of good practice outcomes.  At the Strategic Board Meeting in Noordwijk, he reported that over the next year they will be working with the winner of the ERN Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) contract; testing and following up taxonomy and templates for the ERN technical documents; supporting the launch of short term mobility and exchanges of healthcare professionals; and setting up a training and education strategy.

Naside Mangir (eUROGEN Clinical Data Specialist) is currently defining eUROGEN’s training and education strategy together with the education leads from each Workstream.  We have already launched a webinar programme in collaboration with the European School of Urology; suggestions for future webinar topics were collected at the annual meeting and will be further investigated via a survey to be sent out to our Healthcare Providers, Affiliated Partners and ePAGs.

Naside also attended the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) Focus Group Meeting in Leiden, Netherlands on 26 June.  The EJP RD has 1.6 million Euros to invest in research and training among the ERN population in the next 4 years.  A call is expected to open on 1 October for research fellowships and workshops.  Each healthcare provider and/or ERN researcher will directly apply for funding online via the EJP RD website.  We will keep you updated.