New Calls for Tender for ERNs

New Calls for Tender for ERNs

ERNs Capacity and Knowledge Sharing Through Short Term Mobility and Exchanges of Healthcare Professionals
Deadline: 11 May 2020

The objective of the contract is to facilitate and finance short-term professional stays for health professionals working in a healthcare provider, member, or affiliated partner of an ERN in another provider of the same ERN.

The goal of these visits is to share, exchange and acquire clinical and organisation expertise, best practices and knowledge among the ERNs members and to increase and strengthen the cooperation inside the network.

Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Improvement System (AMEQUIS) of the ERNs
Deadline: 12 June 2020

This integrated approach will provide the independent assessment and evaluation bodies (IAEB), the Commission and the involved actors (Member States, Healthcare Providers and ERNs) with clear and robust guidance, criteria, and operational tools for a sound and harmonised process in order to ensure the quality of the ERN system across different stages.

First of all, the contractor will provide assistance to assess any new ERN or any Healthcare Provider’s application to join the existing ERNs as part of the evaluation process.  Second, the guidance will enable adequate monitoring of the activities carried out and the deliverables produced by the approved ERNs and their members. Third, the contract will evaluate the ERNs, as it is planned in article 14 of the implementing decision which set up criteria for the establishment and evaluation fo the ERNs. Finally, it will improve the ERN system on the basis of a continuous quality improvement system approach (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

To this end, the contractor will develop an integrated AMEQUIS model which will integrate all the aspects cited above into a consistent and global approach.