Affiliated partners

eUROGEN will prioritise helping Member States lacking highly specialised surgical expertise, in particular the new and smaller population countries to increase caseloads and geographical spread. All eUROGEN educational and training opportunities will be open to Affiliated Partners. A memorandum of agreement will be signed with them and the eUROGEN Strategic Board which will ensure they actively implement agreed clinical guidelines, with support via European MDTs as necessary and participate in them as observers for learning purposes; register data in common registries; and participate in clinical trials. eUROGEN will consider including Affiliated Partners in EU research and other proposals depending on their capacity.

Affiliated Partners will be designated by the Board of Member States for ERNs and the mechanism and criteria for how they will do this is still under discussion. A paper was produced in May 2016 which gives some information of the strategy of the Board of Member States which.

A meeting was held in June 2015 and 2016 with the National Urological Societies and they were asked to continue to provide suggestions on which healthcare providers might be interested in collaborating with our ERN. We are signposting interested healthcare providers to their national representatives on the Board of Member States for ERNs.