Communication strategy

An effective communication strategy is essential to the ultimate success of the ERN eUROGEN registry, as this will create awareness and enable all groups who will be affected by this initiative (stakeholders) to support the newly developed patient registry. In addition, communication will enable transfer of knowledge and expertise between consortium partners and other stakeholders, thus prompting improvements to the registry and accelerating uptake by society. The measures to reach each target group are different and are specifically aimed to raise maximum awareness – and sometimes support – for each particular target group.

In order to reach the stakeholders effectively and inform them in the most appropriate way, it is important to understand their interests and motivations. To this end, the ERN eUROGEN consortium will devise a joint communication plan outlining the details of the dissemination and communication strategy. The basis for such plan has already been defined and is designed to ensure the widest possible adoption of the registry across European countries and long-term impact on the collaboration among stakeholders in the urogenital field. The communication strategy will be further developed, monitored, evaluated and improved during the set-up of the registry.