COVID-19: ERN eUROGEN Statement and Resources

During these difficult and unprecedented times, ERN eUROGEN hopes that all of our patients, collaborators, and their families can manage with their health requirements as best as possible, and wishes them the strength needed to get through this crisis.

Please follow your National, Local and Healthcare Provider advice. Local protocols on how to proceed have been developed by experts with your best care in mind.

Vaccination: Rare urogenital diseases and complex conditions are not a contraindication for vaccinations and our patients should receive the vaccination according to the risk for COVID-19 according to the EU.  We consider that patients with rare urogenital cancers (e.g., penile/testicular cancer and germ cell tumours) who are receiving chemotherapy should be a high priority for vaccination. Because they are receiving high-dose chemotherapy treatment, they are more vulnerable and have a higher risk of complications with COVID-19 infection. Moreover, these patients are curable from an oncological point of view.

The summary of the view of all ERNs on priorities and contra-indications for COVID-19 vaccination can be found here.

Below is a list of resources and information we feel may be helpful: