Workstream 2: Functional urogenital conditions requiring highly specialised surgery

Workstream 2 focuses on functional urogenital conditions requiring highly specialised surgery and is led by Prof. Margit Fisch from UMC Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany.

For each of the identified disease area in Workstream 2 you will find a short description below.

2.1 Complicated & complex pelvic floor disorders
2.2 Rare diseases & conditions affecting the female urethra
2.3 Urethral reconstruction in rare diseases & conditions
2.4 Rare retroperitoneal diseases & conditions
2.5 Interstitial Cystitis
2.6 Adult urogenital reconstructive surgery
2.7 Surgery for transgender patients

Additional resources for Workstream 2 diseases:

Bladder & Bowel UK: Supporting people with bladder and bowel problems
Useful information on bladder and bowel problems in adults, ranging from practical hints and tips to factual information on clinical conditions that affect the bladder and bowel. The leaflets are produced by Specialist Nurses who have a wealth of knowledge in the continence speciality. The information is extremely useful to individuals who are experiencing bladder or bowel problems, their family members, and carers and healthcare professionals.