WS1: Rare congenital uro-recto-genital anomalies

Workstream 1: Rare congenital uro-recto-genital anomalies

Workstream 1 focuses on rare congenital uro-recto-genital anomalies and is led by Prof. Wout Feitz
of Radboudumc in Nijmengen, The Netherlands.

For each of the identified disease area in Workstream 1, you will find a short description below.

1.1 Complex genital reconstructions (DSDs)
1.2 Bladder exstrophy/epispadias
1.3 Rare urological stone & kidney diseases
1.4 Non-syndromic urogenital tract malformation
1.5 Posterior urethral valve
1.6 Posterior hypospadias
1.7 Urorectal/anorectal malformations

Additional resources for Workstream 1 diseases:

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