ERN eUROGEN Book on Rare & Complex Urology

An agreement was signed on 29 January 2021 between ERN eUROGEN and the publisher Elsevier to produce a book on rare and complex urology. The book is currently in production with a view to being published in Spring 2023.

Preface & Introductory Chapters: The book will have a preface by Prof Wout Feitz, ERN eUROGEN HCP Network Coordinator Representative, followed by an introductory chapter on “The European Association of Urology (EAU) and ERN eUROGEN” by Prof Christopher Chapple, the founding ERN eUROGEN HCP Network Coordinator Representative and Secretary General of our Supporting Partner the European Association of Urology, and a chapter on “The EU/EC view on the ERN Programme and Development” by Mr Enrique Terol, former EC ERN Policy Officer.

Overview Chapters:  There will then be a series of overview chapters with an update on our patient care numbers (see the previous report here), our European Patient Advocacy Group‘s view of the ERN programme and patient pathways, our European and global collaboration, our patient registry, and the development of our clinical practice guidelines and clinical decision support tools.

Expertise Area Chapters: The book will then have an Expertise Area (EA) chapter for each EA we cover within our three Workstreams. We have developed a protocol for these chapters to ensure their quality and that they are a consensus view:

  1. The Expertise Area Coordinators (EACs) within ERN eUROGEN will be the lead contributors for the EA chapters. They should write and review their draft chapters with at least two other experts from their expertise area; where there is a vice-EAC, they should be one of the experts.
  2. Each chapter should therefore be written by a minimum of three experts, and these should be from different ERN eUROGEN HCPs. In cases where the EAC and vice-EAC are from the same HCP, this means there will need to be at least four experts involved.
  3. Each chapter should be peer-reviewed and agreed upon by at least one ePAG Advocate.
  4. Once written and peer-reviewed, the chapter and the completed sign-off template included in the ERN eUROGEN Book Contributor Pack should be sent to the Editorial Team.
  5. The Editorial Team will review the chapter to ensure that it meets the agreed standards set out in this factsheet. The Editorial Team will ask for clarification from the EAC where required.
  6. Once the chapter is agreed upon, the Editorial Team will ask the lead author to submit it to Elsevier via EMSS.

Contributor Pack: You can download the full contributor pack for the book which includes:

  • ERN eUROGEN’s Factsheet 2022-04-28
  • ERN eUROGEN’s Sample Overview Chapter 2021-03-25
  • Elsevier’s Book Layout Example
  • Elsevier’s Chapter Template
  • Elsevier’s Manuscript Preparation Overview
  • Elsevier’s Permissions Information
  • Elsevier’s Writing and Copyediting Style Guide

If you have any questions, please email Jen Tidman, ERN eUROGEN Business Support Manager, who is leading the production of the book for the Coordination Team.