Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines & Clinical Decision Support Tools

Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) & Clinical Decision Support Tools (CDSTs) for rare and complex uro-recto-genital diseases

There is currently a lack of evidence-based, unbiased information on the different uro-recto-genital rare diseases. For healthcare professionals, ERN eUROGEN will replicate and standardize best practice methodology, which will lead to improvements in the quality and effectiveness of care. ERN eUROGEN aims to translate the guidelines into clear and understandable information for patients.

We have established the ERN eUROGEN Guidelines Expert Panel – an overarching group formed of representatives from our full member healthcare providers, affiliated partners, European Patient Advocacy Group, and supporting partners.  This panel will commission guideline subgroups and oversee guideline development.

With guidance from the Spanish consortium appointed by the European Commission to facilitate the guidelines, and the agency assigned to us by the consortium, we have begun work on two guidelines:

You can download our factsheet on guidelines and the ERN Guidelines Methodological Handbooks.