Provided services

A lifelong patient care programme based on the latest available evidence will be jointly developed with patients and European multidisciplinary team involvement. This will result in the following services:

  • Signposting information for patients in a clear understandable way on the ERN website. eUROGEN will be described with all HCPs and their areas of expertise
  • Virtual European MDT case discussions (with informed consent) involving all leading experts in multiple HCPs, providing a written report on diagnosis and treatment options, including detailed advice on recommended surgical procedures for the treating experts.
  • Second opinions given by written report following case discussion and examination of all medical information/imaging by the leading experts in multiple HCPs.
  • Live streaming of rare urogenital procedures or highly complex cases which can be observed through the IT platform with explanation from the surgeon of the techniques being used as training and learning opportunities (with appropriate patient consent). This service can be offered at different levels depending on availability and if the IT platform can support specific aspects and requirements concerning safety, privacy and informed consent regulations.

The latest technology is used for European virtual MDT video-consultation discussions, offering a whole new perspective to train experts via virtual MDT participation and to facilitate rapid learning and exchange of information. Case reports, surgical and urological procedures, and outcome perspectives will be collected in a secured online registry platform to build knowledge.

Next to the online registry environment, there is a collaborative platform available for ERN users only. It supports the ERN Board of Member States, the ERN Coordinators and ERNs members in their online communication, document management and event organization.