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Full Members

In 2016 the European Commission (EC) launched a call for European Reference Networks (ERNs) and some of the leading urological healthcare providers in Europe came together to join their expertise and knowledge to create ERN eUROGEN. In total 29 healthcare providers in 11 European Member States were assessed and proven to meet the criteria to from the ERN eUROGEN, an ERN which focuses on highly specialised surgery for rare urogenital diseases and complex conditions.

You can click on the map above to see details of our full members, or click here to see a list of their addresses, contacts, and areas covered.


The UK withdrawal from the European Union took effect on 1st January 2021 and UK healthcare providers have thus ceased to be part of the ERN eUROGEN network. This means that eUROGEN now comprises 23 full members, rather than the original 29. However, collaboration will continue with UK-based clinicians as individual experts in areas such as research and education.

Affiliated Partners

In 2019 the Board of Member States for ERNs (BoMS), which is mostly comprised of representatives from the health ministries of the Member States, began the process of designating institutions in their countries as Affiliated Partners to work with ERNs.

There are two types of Affiliated Partner: Associated National Centres and Coordination Hubs. You can click on the map above to see details of these centres, or follow the links to see a list of their contacts and areas covered.

eUROGEN will be working proactively with the Affiliated Partners to train them on how to use CPMS, because a priority objective for our network is to transfer knowledge and offer as much help and advice as possible to healthcare professionals in countries which do not see rare and complex cases very often due to their smaller population sizes. Furthermore, all eUROGEN educational and training opportunities will be open to Affiliated Partners.

A memorandum of agreement is signed between them and the eUROGEN Strategic Board which ensures that they actively implement agreed clinical guidelines, with support via European MDTs as necessary and participate in them as observers for learning purposes; register data in common registries; and participate in clinical trials. eUROGEN will consider including Affiliated Partners in EU research and other proposals depending on their capacity.

The 24 ERN Coordinators who meet twice a year have developed a Strategy for the Integration of Affiliated Partners to identify some common principles and this document can be found here.

ERNs are also required to develop an individual Strategy for the Integration of the Affiliated Partners which are shared with the Board of Member States representatives for ERNs. eUROGEN’s strategy can be found here.

Future enlargement of the network

At the end of 2019, the EC launched a call for proposals for healthcare providers to join existing ERNs. The process follows the same application and assessment process that the existing healthcare providers completed in 2016.

A total of 31 healthcare providers applied to join ERN eUROGEN. All applicant healthcare providers are currently being assessed by the ERNs in an internal peer review. The applications will then be assessed by the Independent Assessment body (a sample) then reviewed by the Board of Member States for ERNs who have the final decisions. The successful applicants are expected to join the ERNs around April 2021.