CPMS Access

Authorised Users

Registered users can log into CPMS here.

Requesting Access

Access to the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is strictly regulated to protect the data privacy rights of the patients. Only authenticated users (EU Login) can request authorisation (SAAS) from the ERN to use the CPMS. Each ERN has member Healthcare Provider centres (HCP) and it is envisaged that the users of CPMS are either Healthcare Professionals (HP) within these HCPs, or otherwise HPs authorised as guest users by the relevant ERN coordinator.

For those who are working in one of our member centres and have not registered, here is a guide to creating your EU Login, and applying for access to CPMS. If you require any additional help with this process, please email the ERN eUROGEN Helpdesk.

If you are a clinician working in a centre outside of our network, but have a case that you wish to refer to us for help and advice, please click here for guidance.