The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

The Clinical Patient Management System, known as CPMS, is a secure web-based application to
support European Reference Networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence
complex diseases or conditions across national borders.

Access to the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is strictly regulated to protect the data
privacy rights of the patients. Only authenticated users (EU Login) can request authorisation
(SAAS) from the ERN to use the CPMS. Each ERN has member Healthcare Provider centres
(HCP) and it is envisaged that the users of CPMS are Healthcare Professionals (HP) within these
Healthcare Provider centres (HCPs). Guest accounts can be created at the direct request of the ERN

eUROGEN operates a CPMS Helpdesk to support all of its users, including Guest users, in both accessing and using the system. We can provide training, and we regularly issue guidance to users on common  issues and queries – see our regular CPMS newsletters as an example:

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