How to join eUROGEN?

There are different options to consider in order to become a future member of eUROGEN:

In Q1 or Q2 in 2019, we expect the European Commission to launch a call for proposal for healthcare providers to apply to join eUROGEN. We recommend that you take the following actions if you would like to consider responding to the call when it opens:

  • You will need the support of your healthcare provider Chief Executive and senior management, who must support the ERN application in writing.
  • You will need a letter from your Ministry of Health confirming the expert status of your healthcare provider to deal with a group of rare diseases in accordance with national rules on designating healthcare providers to deal with rare diseases. If you do not know who the right contact person is, please ask your national representative on the Board of Member States for ERNs, whose contact details are here.
  • Please make contact with us to find out if your healthcare provider has expertise that can add value to our ERN.

The second option is becoming an Affiliated Partner of eUROGEN. This is a decision of the Board of Member States for ERNs at national level and they can appoint healthcare providers to interact with ERNs in countries where an ERN has no full member. The process for selecting healthcare providers and appointing them as Affiliated Partners is entirely a decision for Member States and so we suggest contact the Board members for advice on how to proceed, if you would like to become an Affiliated Partner of eUROGEN, using the link above to find the right person in your country.